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“I am so thankful for Villari’s Martial Arts and for Sensei Dave!”
My 6 year old son, Eathan enjoys the interaction with other students and he takes pride in his accomplishments. He is learning Self Control, Self Discipline and Respect. The Colors of Character program is a wonderful way to teach these and other values of life. Thank you, Sensei Dave and Villari’s for giving Eathan a way to bring up his self-esteem and teaching him that making the right choices in life will take him far in his lifetime.

~ Proud Parent

“Sensei Dave and Villari’s has been a life saver at my house over the past several months.”
I cannot begin to tell you how great Sensei Dave is with the Kids. I have learned so much from him that I now use it at home. I have two boys in the program ages 9 and 5. I now have more tools to use at home by reinforcing this strength of character. I now can take my boys out in public and be proud of their behavior where before Villari’s that was not possible. Thank you Sensei Dave.

~ Proud Parent

“Under Sensei Dave’s direction, he and all the other instructors are building a better community by helping us raise strong, confident, goal-driven kids. Thanks so much for all you do for Kyle and all the other students at Villari’s Martial Arts School.” ~ Proud Parent